The 2023 edition of the Challenge Sainte Dévote

2023 Apr 24

The 2023 edition of the Challenge Sainte Dévote
The 2023 edition of the Challenge Sainte Dévote took place on April 22nd at the Stade Louis II in Monaco.

This sporting event, which the organizers like to describe as the Rugby World Cup for Under-12s, brought together 300 players from 17 countries this year.

At the end of a day of competition, it was the Blue Bulls Pretoria team from South Africa that won the trophy.

Organized since 2008 by the Monegasque Rugby Federation, the Challenge Sainte Dévote aims to convey to young people the civic values associated with this sport, such as respect, solidarity, and team spirit.

The Cuomo Foundation has been supporting this event since 2013.

The Cuomo Foundation Celebrates Ten Years of Support for the Sainte Devote Tournament

2023 Jan 31

Since 2013, the foundation has granted the Monaco Rugby Federation more than 90,000 euros.

The Monaco Government and the Cuomo Foundation commit to assisting vulnerable children in Burkina Faso

2022 Nov 14

This three-year project will be supported by Samusocial Burkina Faso and Samusocial International (2022-2024).

The Cuomo Foundation funds “Entreparents” a digital resource for new parents

2022 Sep 08

“Entreparents” is a new model of pre- and post-natal support and information for parents in the Principality of Monaco and the surrounding area.