Cuomo Foundation-supported young scientist chosen for Re.Generation Future Leaders cohort 2023/2024

2023 Jul 13

Cuomo Foundation-supported young scientist chosen for Re.Generation Future Leaders cohort 2023/2024
The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation organized a two-week campus event from July 2nd to July 14th in Monaco.

This event marked the launch of a new annual initiative named The Re.Generation Future Leaders programme. Its goals are to foster the fulfilment of young specialists, improve their abilities, and promote the emergence of tomorrow's leaders in the field of environmental protection. Dr. Pedro Fernandez, an agricultural engineer, was one of ten young people chosen from a wide range of geographical and professional backgrounds, which included scientists, activists, and entrepreneurs. The chosen individuals had demonstrated not just a commitment to environmental preservation, but also had already performed notable accomplishments to effect change.

Argentine researcher Dr Pedro Fernandez was a beneficiary of the 2019-21 IPCC scholarship awards. The scholarships are targeted at young scientists from developing countries to undertake studies that would not be possible without the intervention of the fund. Since 2013, the Cuomo Foundation has partnered with the IPCC Scholarship programme to support PhD students from developing countries in their scientific research to understand the risks of climate change and its impact on their local environments and communities.

After successfully completing his thesis entitled "Link between perceptions and adoption of silvopastoral systems and environmental variables in the Argentine dry Chaco." He continued his field of research at Humboldt University in Germany, which agreed to provide scientific supervision during the two-year study period (2022-2023) and the Cuomo Foundation funded this new project entitled "Understanding the geography of cattle farming in the dry forests of South America" with a grant of €50,000.

During the two-week program in the Principality, Dr. Pedro Fernandez had the opportunity to attend masterclasses, visit projects on-site, and interact with leading scientists and communicators. The immersive experience aims to enhance his ability to realize his scientific and entrepreneurial goals. Furthermore, after the completion of the program, the "Re.Gen" cohort will be supported and mentored by a team of experienced specialists for an entire year. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to participate in important global environmental forums throughout this 12-month period.

The Cuomo Foundation is a funding partner of the Re.Generation Future Leaders Programme 2023/2024.

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