Building the Future: The Experience of the Green School in South India

2023 Mar 21

Building the Future: The Experience of the Green School in South India
We are celebrating this year the fourth anniversary of our pilot school built in the rural region of Mambakkam, Tamil Nadu, South India.

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the entire construction process and architectural project followed a strict ecological protocol. Adherence to this guideline earned it the prestigious "Platinum" label from the Indian Green Building Council, making it the first rural Indian institution to receive this distinction.

This anniversary is an opportunity to rediscover the documentary we dedicated to this project. Filmed over several months, this film chronicles the progress of the school's construction and its place in the history of our organization. Enriched with about ten interviews, this short film offers reflections on both the education of our future generations and how we should conceive the buildings of the future.


The documentary feature we produced to commemorate the inauguration of the green school
The IPCC unveils its 6th report on climate change

2023 Mar 20

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is set to unveil the synthesis of its 6th report on climate change on Monday, March 20, 2023.

New Scholarship support for courageous young Senegalese student accepted into the University of Nantes, France

2022 Oct 25

This Autumn, Awa successfully applied to the University of Nantes in France to study for a 1 yr. degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology.

"An informed citizenry builds a better world" - Brazilian scientist's work praised by local press

2022 Jul 11

"EducAir: raising awareness among populations about the risks of smoke from fires," a postdoctoral study led by Dr. Igor Oliveira Ribeiro.

Foundation supports new research in the ‘Third Pole’ by Chinese IPCC Scholarship awardee

2022 Jun 27

Chercheur chinois, Dr Dongfeng Li, doctorants de la sélection 2019-2021 du Programme de bourses du GIEC, reçoit une nouvelle fois notre soutien.