News N. 23/128   17/05/2018

No Finish Line: The Foundation’s Annual Solidarity & Performance Trophy Goes to ‘Caisses Sociales de Monaco’

Emanuela Montagnese with CSM Team Members during the awards ceremony - Stars’N’Bars, 15.05.2018

The annual No Finish Line Awards Ceremony took place on May 15th 2018 at Stars'N'Bars, Monaco. The trophy "Solidarity & Performance" the Foundation awards each year to reward the three best runners of a same team was handed to Fabrice Eon, Alain Manassero and Jean-Simon Mella during the ceremony. The three volunteers who ran for the Caisse Sociales de Monaco had respectively recorded 479.69 km, 462.71 km and 413.18 km during the charity race held in Monaco in November 2017.

This year, the “Solidarity & Performance” trophy took the form of the baobab  installation which marks the entrance of Dakar’s Centre Cardio-Pédiatrique Cuomo (CCPC). Built, equipped and continuously supported with the contribution of the Cuomo Foundation, the CCPC is the only cardiac centre in the West African region capable of performing open-heart operations. 

The trophy, which is a stylised reinterpretation of the baobab tree that the Senegalese affectionately call the Tree of Life, symbolises generosity and benevolence. The original replicas of the trophy were produced in Dakar last month under the supervision of the artists of Groupe D-10, the collective which undertook the CCPC’s mural decorations.

Another highlight of the evening was the 3rd sponsored team prize awarded to Emanuela Montagnese, Team Cuomo’s captain. With 8,889 km achieved by its 71 voluntary runners, the Foundation had achieved in 2017 its best NFL ranking.

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