News N. 27/125   01/03/2018

A New Class of Researchers Focusing on Climate Change and Its Impacts

The new class of  the Cuomo Foundation's climate change scholarship program has just been officially formalised. Three new doctoral students thus join a pool of 11 researchers from developing countries, all supported by the Foundation for their PhD thesis.

The fellowship program initiated by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) helps young researchers under the age of 40 for their academics. Their research topics focus on the 3 fields of study, related to climate change i.e. impacts, adaptation and mitigation.

Candidates of the 2018/2019 year are from Myanmar, Senegal and Sri Lanka. Each of them study an issue observed in their respective countries. The three newcomers are joined by the Ethiopian researcher from the previous class, who had his grant extended this year—one allowing him to duly finalise his already well-advanced research.

The Foundation has been a partner in this initiative since 2013 with the IPCC.

List of the beneficiaries and their area of studies

Htwe Min THANT (Myanmar) 
Research subject : Phylogenetic relationships and screening of drought tolerance of Myanmar eggplant genotypes

Suranjith Bandara KORALEGEDARA (Sri Lanka)

Research subject : The role of urban heat island effect and influence of future climate change in mesoscale extreme rainfall events in urban cities

Aïssatou FAYE (Sénégal)

Research subject : West African Monsoon dynamics and sensibility, estimation of present and future coastal cities extension impacts on local and regional climate, urban heat island effect, downscaling of regional climate model and the evaluation of regional climate model performance

Mokria Mulugeta Gemi, Ethiopia
Research subject : Dendroclimatological Potential of Afromontane Tree Species and Reconstruct Multi-century Hydro-climatic Information for The Upper Blue Nile River Basin, Using Tree Ring as A Proxy